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Feb 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Today I am joined with Paul Harris, otherwise known as the  Warrior Walker. A former Royal Marine commando, he has embarked on a 12,000 mile to be the first person to walk around the circumference of the UK twice….back to back! 

An absolutely incredible feat of mental and physical endurance, Paul has put his life on hold to show everyone what the human body can do if the mental strength is prioritised.  He has also raised awareness and thousands of pounds for various charities along the way. 

Paul joins us having just walked from the isle of Skye to Glasgow in 2 weeks, he has now earned a well earned day off and is giving up his time to tell us his story.

We dive deep into Paul’s past which is full of trauma and tragedy and how he used the pain of this past to power his feature.  We hear about his time has a Royal Marine Commando, and also of his life as a private security operative in Afghanistan. We hear of how his life spiralled into one of despair, when a friend sent him a text message and suggested he should walk around the UK and write a book about it…..well 3 weeks later he did just that!

Now 8,000 miles of his 12,000 mile journey, Paul is here to tell his story.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story of purpose and overcoming, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s guest, Paul Harris, aka “The Warrior Walker” is a former Royal Marine currently walking around the entire outer perimeter of the UK, and has already walked over 1,000 miles. He is raising awareness and raising money to help those struggling with mental health issues.

Paul shares many heart-warming and inspiring experiences as he is overwhelmed daily with coffee, meals and accommodations. Because he has no support staff or sponsors, he relies solely on the generosity of the people he meets to help him pursue his mammoth task!

This journey has completely changed Paul’s life. He has gone from an average, uninspiring, mentally challenging life, and feeling like a failure, to finding out what he could create with his own momentum, passion, and power.

While this endeavor started off as a walk, it has become so much more than that with the amazing community of radiators he has come across on his journey.

“Human kindness is real. They want you to win.”


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