Royal Marine Veteran Paul Harris,

The First Person to walk the perimeter of the UK… twice! Back-to-Back!

The Warrior Walker

Way back in June 2020 I received a message from a friend that was to change my life.

Three weeks later I quit my job, left the room I had in a flat and stepped on out for a walk…

Paul Harris

The Warrior Walker

Paul’s incredible journey began in a unique and unexpected way. After returning from Thailand, where he had been working as a kindergarden teacher, Paul faced a setback when his visa did not get renewed. It was during this challenging time that he received a text message from a friend that would change the course of his life.

With that single text message as the catalyst, Paul’s journey as “The Warrior Walker” was born. He embraced the idea of walking around the UK with open arms, seeing it as a chance to not only challenge himself physically and mentally but also to immerse himself in the beauty and stories of the land he called home.

As he walked the paths and trails, Paul encountered kind-hearted individuals who welcomed him with open arms, offering their support and guidance. The connections he forged with these amazing people reinforced his belief in the power of humans and the impact that a single conversation or act of kindness can have on someone’s life.

Through his Instagram, Paul shares not only his remarkable walks and the stories of those he meets along the way but also the valuable life lessons he has learned reminding us all of the strength and resilience within us.

The “Victory Lap”


On 20th June 2024, Paul achieved the extraordinary milestone by becoming the first person ever to walk the perimeter of the UK twice, back-to-back. Covering thousands of miles, Paul braved unpredictable terrains, harsh weather conditions, and pushed his personal limits to complete this remarkable feat. This journey stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience.

Having now finished his victory lap, Paul dedicated this final chapter to expressing gratitude to those who supported him and raising funds and awareness for various charities. Each month, he highlighted a different charity, making a profound impact with every step. Through the generous support of donors, Paul’s journey was sustained, allowing him to focus on his mission of raising awareness and inspiring others. His dedication and the contributions he received have significantly amplified the reach and impact of the charities he supported.

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