The Victory Lap!

May 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Mid June I will step up to the start line again & walk another lap of the UK.

This time I will start and finish in Edinburgh walking anti clockwise making it a completely different walk. I will aim to do it in a year or less & raise money for @mindcharity ( Link in bio )

I have set the target at £1 million pounds because you have to aim high in life.

Very few have walked the UK once none have done it twice, I’m that guy.

Am I crazy? yes. All the good people are.

I look forward to putting myself back in the arena & seeing how I fare.

The UK is an outstanding place with the most amazing humans within it.

We live just once & life is wonderful. I plan on squeezing every last beautiful drop out of it ✨💀

Rooms, coffee & cake will be needed again please from you epic humans.

Have a great week & see you guys on the path again real soon again.

Paul ❤️🙏


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