Royal Marine Veteran taking on the incredible challenge of walking the coastal paths of

England, Wales & Scotland.

Way back in mid June 2020 I received a message from a friend that was to change my life,

“You need to walk around the UK & write a book about it.”

Three weeks later I quit my job, left the room I had in a flat and stepped off on July 19th 2020…

I am a former Royal Marine currently walking around the entire outer perimeter of the UK.

I have no support staff or sponsors, I rely solely on the generosity of the people I meet and my followers to help pursue this mammoth task!

This journey has completely changed my life. I have gone from an average, uninspiring, mentally challenging life, and feeling like a failure, to finding out what I can create with my own momentum, passion, and power.

While this endeavor started off as a walk, it has become so much more than that with the amazing community of radiators I have come across on my journey.

“Human kindness is real. They want you to win.”

Latest Information

233km’s in a week across some of the most arduous terrain!

233 km’s in a week across some of the most arduous terrain in the UK & In the most testing of weathers. Didn’t know I could be so cold in this country. -12 today hurt but like everything, I got it done! Proud & Exhausted. What an adventure!🏴‍☠️❤️🙏...


Donate any amount. I appreciate every single penny donated from you incredible humans.

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